About me

Atalaya does ayurvedic massages, relaxing massages, she does akashic records and andean ceremonies.

I was born in Burgos, raised by a family that always let me be.

My mother says that I am a specialist in complicating my life. She is right. I feel a strong urge to leave my comfort zone once and again, I guess in the search for meaning to my existence. And I think that’s the only thing I’ve been doing all my life. Starting new things over and over again. Without fear, as we said in 15M social movement.

Lately, coinciding with the entrance of yoga in my life and accompanying my grandfather while he died, finally finding answers. Now I feel very clearly that life opens up to me so that I can see what I am and what it is.

Thus, I share everything with enthusiasm today.  Including the name of Atalaya (Watchtower) that a woman threw me one afternoon in May.  With joy I also replied ‘soon’ to that woman who asked me for a business card in the pool.

And here I am, opening this space to share my truths with those who are looking for theirs.

Here I am, putting myself at your service.

In me, Atalaya.

With love.

Contact me if you want to know more about me.