Be true

Atalaya I helps other people to live from their unique and unrepeatable truth. She helps you to be true.

I love authentic, genuine, true people. People who dare to be who they are.

It happens that the people who allow themselves to be who they are, are those who enjoy life the most. So that’s what I do. I help other people to remove layers of lies from above to live from their unique and unrepeatable truth.

For this, I share the tools that helped me to find myself.


Be true. Release dense energies, pains, tensions, blockages, rigidities … and connect with the expansive being that is inside you. You may even get some more gifts … read on and you’ll see. You can give yourself a love massage, an opening massage, just a healing touch or a collective experience.

Human Design

Be true. Get out of your mind. Escape all the conditioning that is there and start making decisions from your body. Connect with your truth. Read more about my work with Human Design. Join one of my workshops or make an appointment for an individual guidance session.

Akashic records

Would you like to understand the meaning behind something that is happening to you? Open your akashic records and look at yourself in the mirror of the soul. You can ask about yourself, about a situation, about a place … Live this cosmic healing experience.

Pago a la tierra (offering to the land)

A ‘pago a la tierra’ ceremony could be considered a summary of the Andean Cosmovision: it is a space to connect with the elements, the earth, the cosmos and to launch your prayer. Connect with the power that is in your intention and in your word. Be true.

Mantras and kundalini yoga

When it’s possible, I accompany the kundalini yoga classes of Anand Akash Singh with my chanting of mantras.