Akashic Records

Opening Akashic Records to know what we need to know to keep on living in peace and with grace.

Make a reading of akashic records in Ibiza. Access this cosmic library and solve your doubts, whatever they may be. Look at yourself in the mirror of the soul and heal.

The akashic records are a cosmic library, located outside our space / time, which we can access to ask anything we need to know to follow our path.

The records act at a vibrational level. They raise the energetic vibration of the person so that he or she reaches understanding.  Such understanding is only achieved if the person intends to look at himself in the Mirror of the Soul. Without this intention, healing is not possible.

When reading akashic records you can ask for anything that is important for you. For situations that you have to live now and you do not understand, for your loved ones, for the planet, for your physical body, for issues of past lives and even about the future. Although you should know that the answers about the future will be the projections of your present.  And that can change.

You can also open the records of a situation, of a relationship, of a mandala of abundance, of a place…

How I run a session of akashic records?

In my sessions you can make four questions. I will ask with my eyes blind-folded. I receive information in the form of words, images, bodily sensations and, sometimes, even smells. My mission is to describe that all to you as clearly as I can, so that you can find your answers. And you will find them.

For each reading of akashic records I usually book two hours, although what is relevant here is not the time, but to solve your doubts.  And so it will be.

But that’s not all, because, along with the information you download you will also receive a super high energy that will make you feel light for a few days.

Making a reading of akashic records is a precious cosmic experience.

Do you want to look at yourself in the mirror of the soul? Live it! Open your akashic records in Ibiza.