Ceremonies: pagos a la tierra

Atalaya makes these ceremonies ‘Pagos a la tierra’ in each solstice and equinox as a reverence to our Mother Earth. In Ibiza.

The ‘pagos a la tierra’ or ‘Andean Masses’ are the best known and practiced ceremonies in the Andes. It is an offering of food, flowers, seeds, sweets, liqueurs made to the earth to give back something of everything offered, to honor the generosity of Pachamama and make prayers for our journey. Using the power of intention and of the word, each of the offerings is loaded with our wishes. And then we build a mandala with it. We wrap it all and deliver it to the elements (fire and earth or water) so that these wishes are transformed..

In the Andean cosmovision, daily and divine work and worship mix. The Andean culture is absolutely linked to the land, nature and the deities that they welcome. The temples of the Inca culture are in nature, which is the same that is cared for and venerated. And wisdom is acquired by working the land, knowing the plants, observing the stars. The dignified Andean people do not practice yoga to connect with what is. They work the earth in a ritualistic way.

My contribution

In 2017 I felt the second call of Peru and this worldview. So I went there to be initiated in the Andean tradition. I spent two months visiting many sacred ‘Apus’ (the spirit of the mountains) in search of those ‘cuyas’ that today are part of my Andean altar. Guided by Efigenio Robert Paredes Llamoca and Marcela Pantigozo I was able to open a window and approach this amazing and wise way of understanding the world.

Today I make these ceremonies ‘Pagos a la tierra’ in each solstice and equinox as a reverence to our Mother Earth.

The payments to earth are simple ceremonies in form and are full of esoteric content. The outcome of the ceremony depends on the vibration of the participants, their prayers and, above all, their faith. But normally, the eyes are cleaned and the hearts open. Suddenly there are hugs and beautiful words.

It is a beautiful ritual.

If you want us to make a ‘Pago a la tierra’ for a particular reason, let’s talk. Live these beautiful ceremonies in Ibiza.