Human Design

Atalaya runs human design workshops and Se also does individual sessions to show the people how to make decitions from the body.

Connect with your Human Design in Burgos, the place where Ra Uru Hu channeled it.

Human design is a system of self-knowledge that unites the wisdom of astrology, the I Ching and the Jewish Kabbalah. It is explained using simple and practical language, applicable to decision making in day to day life.

You are not your mind

Human design is called the ‘Science of differentiation’. It pursues the goal of aligning ourselves with the unique beings that we are. For this, Human Design facilitates us to get out of the social conditioning of the mind. And it connects us with our internal authority.

According to human design, the human species has reached a point in evolution in which the mind is no longer able to lead us in making decisions. In addition, the mind is full of what we are supposed to do, what my mother told me to do, what is morally correct, what is socially acceptable, what is economically convenient … many things. And none of them are us.The information of Human Design was channeled in Ibiza in 1983. And developed and structured during 25 years by Ra Uru Hu. He took care to develop the information to the last detail. To demonstrate that everything is real, that it is a science and that, whoever is interested in learning about it in depth can. Perhaps for a whole life

However, it is not necessary to know all the (enormous) information of your design to align yourself with it. In fact, knowing all the details of your design has the risk of bringing you into your mind, which is precisely where we want to escape from. To live your human design, you just need to know your type, your strategy and your internal authority.  And to be determined to practice it, of course. That was Ra’s vision. And that is also my experience and the way I work with Human Design.

The way I work with Human Design in Burgos

For me, the great contribution of Human Design is that it is oriented to making decisions from the body. That is what differentiates it from other languages ​​of self-knowledge.

Today we are the result of the decisions we made yesterday, right? Therefore, if we take each of the decisions following our strategy and honour our authority everything is aligned. Living according to your being makes life easier, more fluid. That is my practical experience

Therefore, I dedicate myself to share the necessary and sufficient information so that you can live your design from the first minute. So you can put it into practice. Because that’s where the transformation is.

I share the information in a group workshop format or in an individual format.

If you want to know your Human Design in Burgos, you can contact me to meet personaly or through zoom.