Human Design sessions

Atalaya offers human design sessions, also with guidelines for couples and kids. In Ibiza.

In a human design session* with me you receive the basic and essential information about your design and that of your partner or child if you wish.

The focus of my individual human design sessions is always practical. Because that is the beauty of human design. It is practical information!

In an individual session, we can see your design. And, also, we can see your design in interaction with your child or your partner. I always say that it’s beautiful to know your design, but also to know the design of the people you live with.

The focus of these human design sessions is always on implementing positive changes in your daily decision making. Therefore I will explain the implications of your type, strategy and internal authority, and we will see what is the energy that is always defined in you. We see centers and channels that you have defined and the profile. The objective is that you know the energy defined in you so that you can flow with the one you have not defined – usually that is the challenging one.

Couple /children sessions

In case you want a couple session, I will add more information.  I will explain your energy definition to both of you and how your energy matches or not with the other. Also, I give precise guidelines on how to respect the other. We tend to think that the other works just like us. So we tend to expect the other to do things as we would do it. But this is far away from reality. Each person is a unique planet.

If you want to know more about your child’s design, then I will give you concrete guidelines so that you can accompany your child growing respecting his/her unique nature. In my experience working with kids, I find Human Design is a great tool to guide kids in a respectful way. Not asking them to do things they are not designed to do, or expecting them to do things they simply cannot do.

Do you want a human design session to know more about your design and / or your interaction with your partner or child? We can meet in the physical or in the virtual world.

* I offer introductory guidance sessions to Human Design. Enough to be able to practice in decision making. I do not do professional certified readings. If that’s what you want, I recommend you contact my teacher Nadia Soso. She is great.