Kundalini & mantras

Anand Akash and me. We do kundalini yoga sessions with mantras and gong.

‘A mantra is a code of projection to decipher the mystery of divinity.’ Yogi Bhajan.

When life allows, I accompany Anand Akash in his workshops or yoga classes with my chanting of kundalini mantras.

I started practicing kundalini yoga daily with Anand Akash in January 2018. We shared a quarantine. Every morning, before dawn, we were at my or his place to share the kriya of ‘Awakening the 10 bodies’.  On one of those mornings, he lent me his Shruti Box and I started singing there. Assiduously and in public, in his yoga classes.

Thus, in between practices of kundalini yoga, breakfasts at dawn and much experimentation, we began to build the space of purity, intimacy and trust that we enjoy today and share when we come together for these workshops.

Normally we share the kriya ‘Awakening the 10 bodies’. We feel it’s the most honest and most valuable thing we can offer, because we shared the quarantine together and, in addition, I keep practicing it daily. We feel that our experience and love for this kriya is transmitted. Although we have also done other kriyas with mantras with positive results.

Each mantra has concrete effects or benefits. So what we do is design the session so that each mantra and its effects accompany the objective of each exercise. In this way people feel accompanied and encouraged in their practice of kundalini yoga and also they are benefiting from the effects of each mantra.

At the end of the session, my voice opens the final relaxation and the penetrating sound of the gong culminates. A 3-hour connection session finishes with a meditation in which nobody leaves indifferent. Not even us.

The structure of one of our sessions:

  • Presentation
  • Singing opening kundalini mantras all together: ‘Adi mantra’, to connect with our inner wisdom and infinite power. And ‘Mangalacharan Mantra’ to create a space of protection.
  • Warm-up with mantras
  • Kriya with chanting of kundalini mantras: the participants join when they can or want.
  • Final relaxation with mantras and gong
  • Meditation
  • We sing the ‘Eternal Sun’ all together and ‘Sat Nam’
  • Circle of listening and sharing of impressions, sensations, experiences.

If you want us to go to your center, retreat or event, contact me . Let’s talk.