Masaje en Burgos

Are you looking for a good massage in Burgos? I offer Ayurvedic based massages and decontracting chiropractic massages. With an extra energy work that will cradle your senses and multiply the benefits of each session.

The body is the storehouse of everything that happens to us. Therefore, an important part of a process of healing or personal growth is to cleanse the body of pain, discomfort, dense energy, etc. Because only from a body free of discomfort can we connect with our essence and face the challenges that everyday life presents us with joy.

In most of the discomfort we feel there is a component or an energy source. That is why in all my massage sessions I include an energy cleansing and release work part that multiplies the benefits of each session.

To carry out this energy work, I use crystals, different sounds, essences, channelling energy technics and / or quantum technology. I also have the unconditional support of a plant that collaborates with us in the healing process. Thanks to the Plants music device you can listen to its harmonious sound and let yourself be transported with it.

In this way, each massage session with me becomes a unique sensory journey that leaves no one indifferent.

Each massage session is unique and unrepeatable. Each person and each moment has different needs. There are sessions that require a more energetic or subtle approach and others that require a work of liberation of the physical body.

That is why I have a varied offer of massages (and prices) in Burgos, the result of 5 years of research and constant evolution in the healing work:

Type of massageworks onMain benefitsLengthPrice
Ayurvedic + Marmatherapy
(On the massage table)
Whole BodyRelaxation of the nervous system. It improves the circulation and the return of the lymph. Healing through the pleasure of surrendering to receive.60/90 minutes50/70 euros
Ayurvedic yoga
(Futón on the floor)
Whole bodyReleasing tension or emotions. Rib cage opening. Improvement of mobility and breathing.60/90 minutes50/70 euros
Chiropractic (En camilla)The sore body areaDecontracting. Reduction or elimination of acute pain and recovery of mobility lost due to pain.60/90 minutes50/70 euros
Head/feet massage
(On the massage table)
Head or feetTotal relaxation of the nervous system. Indicated for severe alterations of the nervous system such as insomnia or anxiety. 30/45 minutos30/40 euros
Hands tastign
(table o futón)
Wherever you wantTry my hands. Choose the area of the body you want me to work on.30 minutes30 euros
Energetic harmonization Whole bodyWith crystals, sounds, quantum healing techniques, and astral surgery, bring harmony back to your body without being touched.30 minutos30 euros

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