Ayurvedic yoga massage

ayurvedic yoga massage

Ayurvedic yoga massage is yoga made massage. Ready to open yourself to life? I wait for you in Burgos.

This massage is applied on the floor, on a futon, and it’s like being given a yoga session. In this massage, invented by Kusum Modak, you just have to take care of breathing while I manipulate your body. We will take advantage of each exhalation to deeply stretch the muscles and rotate the joints. We will open, too, the rib cage to give more space to the lungs and the heart. Therefore, you will end up feeling relaxed, open and light throughout the body.

Ayurvedic yoga combines all the benefits of yoga with those of the massage. You receive the warmth of love through touch and the inner peace and open heart that yoga gives after a deep session.

How does this work?

The physical body is the storehouse of everything that happens to us. That is why, with the openings, twists and stretches that this massage provides, we are able to free ourselves from burdens and emotions that weigh us down and to release and express positive emotions

So, it is quite common for people who receive Ayurvedic yoga in Burgos to cry or laugh openly. Different sounds to express the same: healing, releasing. I try to establish a space of trust and support to welcome everything that emerges naturally.

In another words, Ayurvedic yoga massage it is a deep work, it is another form of ‘deep tissue’. It is a job that brings out a lot. Are you willing to let go of control? Do you trust in life

It is a massage for brave people, who want to open their hearts and go a little further. The benefits of Ayurvedic yoga in Burgos are infinite as infinite is your being.

Also, as in all my massages, I use crystals and sounds to release any tensions.

The Ayurvedic yoga massage lasts 60/90 minutes and is applied to a futon on the floor.

Do you want to receive this Ayurvedic yoga massage in Burgos? Give me a call.