Chiromassage in Burgos.

Are you looking for a strong healing massage in Burgos? Here you have an option to return to the natural joy of a healthy body. With Chiromassage.

Chiromassage is a discipline in which combines different massage and chiropractic techniques. In other words, different kneading and mobilizations are combined by working muscular, myofascial, articular, visceral and cranial structures of the body to make the body regain its natural mobility.

One of the consequences of pain is a loss of mobility. Therefore, in these chiropractic decontracting massage sessions the focus is on releasing that pain and regaining that lost mobility.

A typical chiromassage session includes a kneading part, to prepare the structures, a trigger point pain relief part and a third part of joint mobilizations.

Chiromassage treatments:

  • Dorso-cervical (60/90 minutes): decontracting massage to heal discomfort in the upper back, neck, cervical …
  • Dorso-lumbar (60/90 minutes): Relieving massage for discomfort in the lower back area: low back pain, sciatica, pelvic discomfort, etc.
  • Arm treatment (60/90 minutes) To treat discomfort in an arm, usually derived from discomfort in the upper back.
  • Legs and feet (60 minutes): treatment for tired legs, circulatory problems or muscle discomfort in feet, legs, knees, etc.
  • Head or foot massage (30 minutes or 60 minutes): Relaxing effect.

The massages are done with the use of essential oils, organic heat or cold creams, everything coming from 100% natural and organic sources.

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