Ayurvedic massage with marmatherapy

Relaxing massage in Burgos

Do you want to give yourself a gift? try thisamazing relaxing massage in Burgos. Imaging being on a massage table for 90 minutes, feeling the contact of the hot oil on your skin, the gentle kneading of your muscles and your soul. Your breath goes slow and your body just relaxes while your mind and vision go to another plane.

The ayurvedic massage with marmatherapy is a love made massage. It’s a powerfull relaxing massage. Through certain very gentle and loving kneading and the stimulation of many marmas of the body with the use of hot oils, we achieve a state of deep relaxation.  At the energetic level it means a total reset that returns the person to his state of natural peace.

Also, as in all my massages, I use crystals and sounds to release tensions, blockages or dense energies. Also, if necessary, I channel energy to help your healing.

Marmas are points of the body that represent energetic intersections of the body. They are intersections of muscles, tendons and / or bones. When they are stimulated, stress is released from them.

In general, this massage is very pleasant.  If any point hurts it is because something is showing up,  but usually this does not happen. This relaxing massage shows that is possible to heal and enjoy at the same time. Perfect to experience on your holiday in Burgos. This is a healing and a relaxing massage.

Do you want a relaxing massage in Burgos? Do you feel like healing through kindness? Talk to me.