Zen Touch

The Zen touch is a 5-minute hand touch. It is a channeling of energy applied to chakras and sick or painful areas for healing purposes.

The Zen touch is similar to Reiki. Both techniques channel universal energy, but the method is different. In Zen touches we apply ‘conscious breathing’.

The Zen touch has nothing to do with Zen Buddhist meditation. In this case, zen means ‘life consciousness’.

The Zen technique helps to balance the whole organism, promotes health and provides well-being. It can relieve physical ailments or emotional problems and generate general harmony.

The Zen touch has no contraindications. On the contrary, people who receive it say they feel calmer and more relaxed.

I learned this technique in May 2015 thanks to Suzanne Powell. Since then I have meditated at least 5 minutes a day, every day, to maintain what I like to call my ‘zen superpowers’. These meditations are what allow the chakras to remain active in order to continue making zen touches without losing our own energy.

I received this teaching as a gift to share as a gift. And so I do.  I am very grateful to have introduced meditation and conscious breathing in my life.

I can make up to 20 Zen touches a day. And you can receive a touch every day. In fact, in my experience, perseverance and continuity bring blessings

Does something hurt? Do you want to heal something? Whatever is happening to you, come and meet me.

As Suzanne Powell says … Just do it!

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