Johan sharing his experience with Atalaya massages.

I met Johan in San Juan Market. I was sharing healing touches and he asked for one. Then, I went to his home to massage him and his wife. Such an honour to be healing an expert on detoxification. You can know more about this in his blog: http://regenereat.com/

Here is his words about his experience with me:

The massage in itself was wonderful, but even amplified to a profound healing experience through sound, crystals, stones and Doris’ magic touch. I received instant healing of my hip and lower back, and some guidance from the universe. I am looking forward to next time and I would recommend anyone to try this, either if you are looking for pleasurable relaxation or healing of deep wounds.

Experiences about human design

Atalaya unlocked through my human design reading some vital insights on how to trust life by simply responding as a strategy. Yes or No. That simple. And not through the mind, but through my inner knowing, deep down in my gut and ovaries. I wanted to hug her in that moment. It all comes down to this basic line: when I am true to myself, life comes to me.

The human design was very useful to understand some key aspects about myself and in fact stop going against myself and the resistances of my mind. This is everyday practice and very insightful!

Leo tells you his experience with Atalaya  massage and HUman Design reading from Matvasei, a very inspiring retreat center nearby Damanhur, Italy.

Leo is a very tunned projector running Matvasei: a fantastic retreat center near by Damanhur. A very inspiring place that is well worth a visit: http://matvasei.com/

Here his experience with me:

Atalaya’s massage was very intuitive and I felt her tuning in not just my interdimensional and subtle bodies but beyond. I appreciate her openness to open herself to the universe and truly channel what is needed in whatever shape or form that takes.

Atalaya’s Human Design is old knowledge that just flows, she is able to tap into and grasp theoretical and complex concepts and make them easily understandable in three different languages. She is able to manage couples and groups at ease with a clear intuitive overview of the dynamics, compatibilities and personality descriptions mixing psychology, astrology, I ching, Kabbalah, channeling and more. She provided me with yet another tool into my personality and that of others making me more tolerant and humble. Everyone should have an idea of their HD, it would improve human relations in our planet one person at a time.

She left me many gifts that have positively impacted me and gave me an extra push accelerating my journey towards becoming an improved version of myself so I can serve our planet and all its beings better. In gratitude, love and light beloved sis.

Thank you Atalaya.